Ensuring that your apartment building has the proper amount of insurance coverage is essential if you own an apartment building in Bronx, NY. Without the correct Bronx apartment insurance, landlords can face serious financial harm if there is an accident or a fire.

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Building Insurance in Bronx, New York

Why Do I Need Apartment Building Insurance in Bronx NY?

There are different types of insurance coverage that you need if you own an apartment building in Bronx, NY. The two most common types of insurance that landlords need are General liability and Property insurance.

General liability will protect the apartment building owner if someone trips and falls in the building or suffers some other personal injury. Commercial property insurance covers property that has been damaged or destroyed by fire or some other named peril. Other types of insurance that Bronx apartment building owners may need include:

• Ordinance of law

• Loss of rental income

• Commercial umbrella

• Cyber liability

• Directors and officers

• Flood

• Crime

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